• Straightener coupled cardboard

Paper Converting
Automatic straightener of upside-down coupled cardboard bundles
Functional description

The straightener of coupled cardboard is able to detect the front and the back of a sheet, arranging your work in complete autonomy.

The cardboard sheets coming out from the laminator machine are generally stacked in facing-up and facing-down bundles, in order to prevent cardboard from bending. The model RZ01 straightener is able to check the verse of the sheets, automatically turn those faced on the wrong side, pile up and align them, preparing them for the cutting procedure. The machine is provided with a sheet feeder and can process more than 3600 sheets per hour.


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Construction features

All phases are controlled automatically by a PLC.

During the process of bundle-manufactoring, the following phases require manual intervention:

  • loading the cardboard-sheet pile on the loading bed of the machine via forklift truck;
  • inputting work information data on the keyboard (length and width of the sheets);
  • unloading the arranged pile from the unloading bed of the machine.

The automatic straightner machine makes the demands of the paper-industries a reality, as it reduces the cost and the duration of operations which, until now, could not be accomplished without manpower.