• Stampante digitale industriale a passata continua


  • single pass inkjet printer

  • single pass inkjet printer for industrial line

X Large
Paper Converting
Industrial single pass inkjet printer with continuous or intermittent feeding, for cardboard or porous substrates printing.
Functional description

The synergic combination of reliability and precision of Errebi handling systems and the electronic digital innovation of Xlogic, gives life to the single pass inkjet printers XLarge, a line of products dedicated to digital printing for industrial applications of cardboard and plastic. Anything that is moved in line can be digitally printed without contact, using the appropriate ink for each type of application, choosing one or multi-color. The sheets are moved by a conveyor belt equipped with a vacuum system which makes them adhere perfectly to its surface. All sheet impurities are eliminated through a rotating brush, before the sheet is introduced into the printing unit. The industrial single pass inkjet printer is equipped with a drawer for cleaning the print heads which can be positioned pneumatically.

Construction features
  • introduction table with adjustable alignment square, manual or automatic;
  • motorized introduction roller, adjustable in height according to the thickness of the cardboard to be printed;
  • rotating and suction brush system at the entrance of the sheets;
  • automatic detection of thickness and imperfections of the sheets before their introduction under the printer head;
  • conveyor belt with variable speed using inverter;
  • pneumatic lifting of the head to facilitate cleaning and maintenance;
  • electrical panel with PLC.


Basic Print bar head main features:

  • model Xlarge 420 1C with max printed area 420×4000 mm at 180×180 or 180×360 dpi;
  • model Xlarge 840 1C with max printed area 840×4000 mm at 180×180 or 180×360 dpi;
  • print density: 180 or 360 DPI 1 or 2color;
  • multiple lanes across the web;
  • multiple lanes on index direction;
  • print speed: continuous and variable up to 50 m/min (at 180×180 dpi) following the print density selected;
  • 6 or 12 (in base to Xlarge 420 1C / Xlarge 840 1C) with variable drop size dod ink-jet printheads;
  • variable drop size electronically adjustable in 3 steps 14-28-42 pl per pixel/nozzle, to achieve the best color depth vs ink quantity;
  • mechanic frame ready for 2nd color line (other 6 printheads) or to double up the existing one.
  • single use solventless ink bottles for porous material, Volume 4×1000 ml;
  • editor and manager software with GUI interface. (Need a PC with Windows 7 or 10 already installed);
  • connection to external device with Giga Bit – Base Ethernet interface;
  • temperature control of the bar;


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