• automatic prefeeder printing above

  • automatic prefeeder printing from above

  • automatic prefeeder printing above

  • automatic prefeeder

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Data sheet
Automatic prefeeder for top printing machines
Functional description

The prefeeder for top printing model 2000S, thanks to the three bundles overturnig system, is suitable for feeding any machines with printing from above. The prefeeder works automatically and has the possibility to work also in semi-automatic with the manual extraction of the bundles.


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Construction features
  • Revolving of the stack during the load, with a pair of hydraulic cylinders and a control unit that switches off automatically when the rotation is performed;
  • lifting of the loading roller conveyor with a self-braking gearmotor and speed regulation with inverter;
  • pneumatic lifting bar for the extraction of the bundle and motorized belts;
  • revolving star with three positions for the cardboard bundle, rotation with gear motor and inverter;
  • belt feeding with orthogonal axis gearmotor, toothed belt transmission and speed regulation with inverter;
  • translation on the axis of the loader based on the height of the cardboard to be processed, by motorized wheels and floor guides;
  • the frame of the transport belts is hinged and lifted with a selector that operates two hydraulic cylinders;
  • perfect frontal and lateral leveling on the intake cockpit performed with pneumatic cylinders;
  • the maximum speed of the prefeeder for top printing is 12.000 sheets/hour.