• Automatic palletizer

  • Pallettizzatore automatico grandi formati

Paper Converting
Automatic palletizer for large formats of cardboard
Functional description

The automatic palletizer for large formats of cardboard, model PAM21, is suitable for operation with high speed casemakers, working in tied or loose bundles.


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Construction features
  • A centering unit is located at the exit of the tying machine;
  • the 90°-180° revolving cross simultaneously rotates up to three bundles based on the size of the box;
  • the roller-belt exchanger performs the arrangement of the layers;
  • the overlap system overlaps the layer up to three times;
  • the insertion of the interlayer sheet is performed automatically by the palletizer;
  • the lift group allows stacking the cardboard sheets with perfect leveling of the stack on all four sides;
  • the insertion of the pallet and the sheet under the stack is automatically performed by the palletizer;
  • it is equipped an automatic pallet distributor with a hold up to 25 pallets;
  • possibility to take the stack out from the side or the front;
  • electrical panel with PLC and touch screen keyboard for setup, diagnostics and remote assistance of the automatic palletizer.