Conveyors with centering systems

We manufacture roller conveyors and conveyor belts with integrated centering systems. From the centering of boxes or pallets, to the centering of stacked sheets of cardboard or other materials, over the years we have always worked to meet every specific need of our customers and their industries.


We manufacture elevator systems based on roller conveyors or conveyor belts which can be sized and customized on specific customer request. Always looking for the best solution to your needs, we have designed and produced our elevator systems in multiple areas and application sectors, always guaranteeing the highest quality, reliability and robustness.

Elevatore doppia colonna a rulli motorizzati
Nastro trasportatore in rete metallica

Conveyor belts

We have been manufacturing for over 30 years a wide range of conveyor belts always focused on the specific needs of our customers. We support you from choosing the most suitable handling system to after-sales maintenance. For each machinery or plant we analyze, evaluate and search for the best materials that can meet your needs, for the structure of the frame, the mechanical transmission, the conveyor belt or chains and any commercial components.

Roller conveyors

We manufacture idle and motorized roller conveyors for handling various materials, usable in different application contexts and industrial sectors. We support our customers in choosing the most suitable handling system for their needs, constantly evaluating the best materials to use for the construction of the frame, mechanical transmission, rollers and all commercial components.

Rulliera curva motorizzata a rulli conici

90° exchange system

We manufacture 90° exchange systems between different handling systems: rollers and belts, rollers and chains, rollers and idle wheels, rollers and table-top chains, rollers and modular belts, modular belts and balls, and many other ad hoc solutions for meet the needs of our customers and their sectors.

Pallet dispenser

We manufacture pallet dispensers for the extraction of a single pallet from a pre-loaded stack. They have a storage capacity of up to a maximum of 25 pallets. They automatically center the loaded stack to allow the correct extraction of each pallet. We design each dispenser based on the specific needs of our customers, always trying to achieve evolutionary improvements.

Sfogliatore di pallet
trasportatore a catena

Chain conveyors

We manufacture chain conveyors for numerous application areas and industrial sectors. From normal conveyors with two or more chains, to accumulation conveyors or shuttle conveyors, up to solutions designed specifically for the specific needs of our customers.